All five upgrades of Scout units.

Scouts are a type of unarmed unit used for exploring and revealing the map and collecting Ruin bonuses in the early game. They are also capable of detecting hidden units such as Spies. When reaching the Industrial Age, Scout units receive additional abilites.

Scouts are available at the Barracks from the Ancient Age on and initially require Timber Timber and Wealth Wealth to be created. Once the Classical Age is researched, they require Wealth Wealth and Metal Metal. Scouts are unarmed, start with 50 hit points and the ability Counterintelligence.

Once after spotting an enemy spy, a scout will automatically use Counterintelligence to eliminate infiltration units.

Unit Upgrades Edit

Unit Age Base HP Base line of sight Movement speed
Scout Ancient Age Ancient Age 50 4 tiles 34
Explorer Medieval Age Medieval Age 70 6 tiles 35
Commando Industrial Age Industrial Age 90 8 tiles 37
Special Forces Modern Age Modern Age 110 10 tiles 39
Elite Special Forces Information Age Information Age 130 12 tiles 42

Each upgrade improves the unit's hit points, movement speed, line of sight and action range. In the Medieval Age, Explorers gain the Stealth ability, allowing the Scout unit to hide from enemy sight, while not moving or using a special ability. In the Industrial Age, Scouts receive another two special abilities: they can act as snipers and saboteurs on the battlefield. Modern Age Special Forces gain the ability to automatically jam enemy air defenses, disabling anti-aircraft fire as long as they are within range.

Nation-specific Edit

  • The Spanish start with an extra Scout unit. Their Scouts can also see farther and are upgraded automatically.
  • The Iroquois (Thrones & Patriots) receive a free Scout whenever completing a barracks. Their Scouts are also upgraded for free and can move through forests. They also have the only unique Scouts in the game.
  • The Lakota (Thrones & Patriots) receive +4 food gather rate for every Scout unit instead of building Farms and Granaries