"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." — Arthur C Clarke

Science Research Science is one of the four technology disciplines in Rise of Nations researched at the Library. Developing Science unlocks many economic buildings and upgrades, and reduces research costs and times of all subsequent research.

Researching Science beyond level 1 requires both Wealth Wealth and Knowledge Knowledge (unless a nation decides to stay in the Ancient Age).

Benefits Edit

Each level of Science technology:

  • Decreases research cost and time for all Library technologies (including age advances) by 10% per Science level ahead.
  • Increases Line of Sight for all Scouts (+2 tiles per level), Cities (+2 tiles), and Lookouts (+3 tiles).
  • Increases resource bonus from Ruins by +25 per level (26 for the Spanish).
Science Technology Research cost Required for
1 Written Word 50 Wealth / 120 Timber Temple, land units can embark
2 Mathematics 120 Wealth / 80 Knowledge Granary, Lumber Mill, General, Spy, Construction, Herbal Lore, Forage
3 Chemistry 200 Wealth / 160 Knowledge Smelter, Carpentry, Agriculture ,Literacy, Architecture, Medicine
4 Laws of Nature 300 Wealth / 300 Knowledge Crop Rotation, Metal Alloys, Printing Press, Logging Industry, Supply
5 Electricity 500 Wealth / 500 Knowledge Engineering, Cold Casting, Pharmaceuticals, Scientific Method
6 Electronics 900 Wealth / 900 Knowledge Refinery, Institutional Research, Logistics, Food Industry, Papermill, Steel, Entire map is revealed
7 Computerization 1500 Wealth / 1500 Knowledge Supercomputers, Fog of War lifted in your own territory.

Science 1, along with a Dock, allows land units to travel to other landmasses on Sea maps. Science 6 explores the entire map for the player. Fog of War effects may still apply. Science 7 permanently reveals all of the player's territory and allied territory to the player. Science research is also required to unlock new technologies at the Granary, Lumber Mill, Smelter, and University.

Miscellaneous Edit


Papyrus decreases Science Research cost by 25%.

Other Research Edit

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