Scenarios are special missions during Conquer the World campaigns.

During a scenario, any army in the defending territory is ignored. Thus, if you expect to be defending in a scenario, it may be better to have armies adjacent to the defending territory rather than inside it.

Barbarian scenariosEdit

Attacking Barbarians always begins one of these scenarios (or Tactics). Attacking barbarians during the first turn always uses War party, except on sea maps.

The barbarians are the Comanche, Chimu, Songhai, Vikings, Khmers and the Sumerians. All of them use the Aztecs' power of Sacrifice, unless you are playing as the Aztecs, in which case they will use the Mayas' power of Architecture.

War party Edit

Destroy 25 enemy units within 15 minutes. You are not allowed to capture cities.

The enemy starts with an army about as powerful as yours, so try not to engage it.

There are scattered pairs of farms with vulnerable civilians. It may be possible to pick off civilians who are working at woodcutters/mines and not too close to cities. (Use "Hold Fire" stance to avoid triggering the alarm too early.)


Two barbarian nations, which start without armies


Player starts with a normal city and a big army with lots of heavy cavalry. Three barbarian nations have no cities, only supply wagons. They initially have small armies but can generate more units from their supply wagons (up to a per-nation limit).

Sudden DeathEdit

There are two barbarian nations. Player can defeat them by capturing any city (thus, "sudden death")

Barbarian rallyEdit

Survive 15 minutes. Start with a city in the center of the map, along with a barracks (?).

Tricky in ancient age (all research that normally requires knowledge is very expensive; enemies get catapults but player doesn't get cavalry; cannot form a Government to heal or bribe)

Barbarians at the gatesEdit

Fight three age-behind nations, which are allied against you. Survive 25 minutes.

The barbarians in this scenario use special barbarian variants of each foot unit. Their attacks are disorganized and nearly continuous.

Wheel and dealEdit

You must defeat three barbarian nations. Everyone starts off equally, with a normal city and a scout.

Initially, you are at war with the other three and they are at peace with each other. However, real-time Diplomacy is allowed: you can negotiate for peace or allies, then backstab and declare war by clicking the dove icon. The barbarians may also decide to attack each other.

Attack scenarios Edit

Attacking another nation will begin either a Conquest battle or one of the following scenarios. The first three listed here (supply train, tactics, and field battle) give you a Bonus Card called "Skill Bonus" upon completion.

Supply trainEdit

You have a medium-size army and three scouts. To win you only need to survive 5 minutes, which is not difficult (especially once your scouts gain the ability to hide in the Medieval age). However, you can gain a better bonus card by destroying supply wagons that are moving through the map.


You have a large army and must capture the enemy's capital. The enemy has small groups of units scattered throughout the map, which will try to slow your assault and flank your siege weapons.

If you capture another enemy city, it will be assimilated immediately and you will gain several civilians. This may give you a chance to heal (by garrisoning) or reinforce. However, you are not allowed to form a government, and the time limit will keep ticking.

Field battleEdit

Destroy enemy buildings (2 barracks). Start with a medium-size, heavy-tilted army (enlightenment age: general, explorer, 9 light inf, 7 heavy inf, 4 ranged cav, 3 light cav, 4 heavy cav).


  • Capture enemy capital in 120 minutes
  • Enemy appears, with cavalry, "out of nowhere"
  • Enemy starts with military 7 tech, but no army


  • Within 20 minutes, control 70% of territory or kill all enemy generals
  • Enemy uses no cities but is immune to attrition
  • Use scouts and lookouts to find enemy generals

Defense scenarios Edit

Surprise attackEdit

Similar to the barbarian scenario "Barbarian Rally".

Survive for 15 minutes. Disorganized waves of attackers will arrive throughout the battle from the same 2-3 directions. The map is explored, and you start with a barracks and stable.

Towers can protect your civilians by killing enemies, providing a safe haven, and letting you research attrition technologies. However, the enemy will eventually start bringing siege weapons and supply wagons.

Try to bribe enemy units if you can, initially using the Senator patriot and later using Spies (requires Military 2 and Science 2).

Rare resources are arranged in a ring slightly outside your initial territory. Once you know which direction the enemies are coming from, some rare resources may be usable.

This scenario becomes more difficult throughout the ages, as your units become more expensive, and enemy units become more powerful relative to your static defenses.

Guerilla warfareEdit

Like in the barbarian scenario "War party", you must kill 25 units within 15 minutes, and are not allowed to capture cities.

However, there are key differences. To your advantage, you have a General, and the enemy starts with only a tiny army. To your disadvantage, the enemy capital has a pair of towers at their capital.

You also start with a supply wagon, and it is crucial to keep the supply wagon alive. It can heal your troops when outside enemy territory; it can prevent attrition damage; and it must be alive in order for extra troops to appear (at about 5 minutes and 10 minutes into the scenario).

With luck, you may discover the enemy's second city while it is still under construction. If you kill the civilian but leave the construction site intact, their economy will be crippled and they'll keep sending citizens to your slaughter. However, they also won't establish as many civilian work sites for you to attack.

Additional scenariosEdit

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