Resource Overview History
Salt is one of the 31 rare resources. It appears as a patch of cracked white ground.

Like with all rare resources on land, Salt can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location. Salt gives the following benefits:

  • +10 Timber Timber gather rate
  • +10 Metal Metal gather rate
  • Cost of Barracks troops and upgrades reduced by 10%
    • The cost reduction applies to both unit and upgrading cost, as upgrading cost is actually based on unit cost.
    • The cost reduction is cumulative with other bonuses, like those given from Wine (upgrade cost -20%) and Sugar (Food Food cost -10%) as well as advanced Military Military Research.

The gather rate of rare resources can be increased in various ways, as described in the main article. Note that Metal Metal is not gathered until a nation has entered the Classical Age Classical Age and linking a Salt resource while still in the Ancient Age Ancient Age might not provide the full benefit.