An Elite Special Forces plants a demo charge.

Sabotage (hotkey: B) is a special ability of late game Scout units, used to reduce a building's hit points or to destroy a vehicle. It costs 1000 Craft Craft to use and is the default action for Scouts when right-clicking a building or vehicle.

All structures and vehicles (like Tanks and Artillery Weapons) are valid targets. When activated, the Scout unit moves next to the target and plants a demo charge. While planting the charge, the Scout is visible and vulnerable to enemy units - using the ability on a Fort, Tower or garrisoned city usually gets the Scout killed.

When used on a building, Sabotage reduces the building's current hit points by 50% (halves them). Commandos will deal a minimum of 200 hit points of damage, Special Forces will deal a minimum of 400, and Elite Special Forces will deal a minimum of 800, if these values are greater than half of the building's current hit points. Thus, Sabotage can be used to destroy buildings outright.

Note that vehicles can be sniped as well (hotkey: V). The action is performed in much the same way: The Scout needs to move close to the target and completing the job kills the vehicle. However, the sniping ability is executed much faster, leaving the enemy less time to kill the Scout.


  • Sabotage is most effective against structures with a lot of hit points, like Major Cities, Wonders or Airbases.
  • Sabotage can be used to halve a Cities' hit points before bringing it down with artillery. However, as the Scout is exposed to fire while planting the charge, it usually gets killed before completing the action. Due to this, be sure that the enemy is not aware of your scout's presence, and once the sabotage is complete, order your scout to retreat until he can use his Craft Craft again.
  • When ordering a group of Scouts to plant a charge, only one will actually carry out the order by default. If you want the whole team to plant charges, go into Options and check the Use abilities as Group option (note, that this will affect all abilities from Scouts, Spies and Generals).
  • Once after damage has been inflicted on intended targets, it is recommended to order your scouts to retreat as they require time to replenish used-up Craft Craft.