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The SAM Installation is the final upgrade of the Observation Post and the final upgrade from the Radar Air Defense.


The SAM Installation is the most powerful stationary anti-air defense available, and is available in the Information Age as an automatic upgrade. This defense turret engages hostile aircraft by endlessly firing salvos of radar-guided missiles. These homing projectiles are extremely accurate and prove very effective against almost all aircraft, especially primitive Industrial Age Biplanes.


Like all anti-air defenses, SAM Installations have no defense against ground units and cannot target Stealth Bombers. Moreover, enemy Special Forces units can jam your SAM installations, making them obsolete until those scouts move or are eliminated.


When used to defend cities, SAM Installations should be protected by ground forces and Advanced Fighters from a near-by Airbase should be on hand if enemy Stealth Bombers are deployed.

Although SAM Installations are very powerful, their inability to target multiple units makes them susceptible to swarm attacks. Mass bomber attacks will quickly obliterate individual installations.

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