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The SAM Installation is the Information Age Information Age upgrade of the Radar Air Defense and the most powerful stationary anti-air defense available.

SAM Installations engages hostile aircraft by endlessly firing salvos of radar-guided missiles. These homing projectiles are extremely accurate and prove very effective against almost all aircraft, especially primitive Industrial Age Industrial Age Biplanes.

Like other anti-aircraft units and buildings, SAM Installations can be jammed by scouts.

The SAM Installation's line of sight increases with each level of Science Science technology researched by +3 tiles.

Nation powers Edit

  • The British Power of Empire: SAM Installations are 25% cheaper and built 33% faster.
  • The Indian Power of Majesty: SAM Installations rise in cost at half their normal rate.
  • The Lakota Power of the Plains: Can build SAM Installations anywhere except in enemy territory.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: SAM Installations have +25% hit points and are built 20% faster.