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  • Be sure to construct the Colosseum Wonder as soon as possible as it enhances attrition damage and increases your national borders. (Note that this is obsolete in water).
  • Be sure to construct the Kremlin Wonder as soon as possible as it will greatly enhance attrition damage on enemy units.
  • Try to build the Statue of Liberty Wonder before your enemies construct it because it takes away all attrition damage in enemy territory. This can be used against you and it can be hard to defend compared to the other supply wagon dependent attacks.
  • If possible, try to quickly assimilate cities and build redoubts to bring the attrition damage to your enemies.
  • If you are being invaded, be sure to eliminate supply wagons (with your cavalry that do bonus damage to them) and either kill the remaining enemy units or fend them off long enough for the attrition damage to take effect.
  • Russian attrition is horrific. Without adequate supply, an enemy force doesn't even stand a chance of capturing a city, especially in the later ages. Use it to your advantage.

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