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Ruins are bonus objects located in different locations on the map. They appear as a pair of trilithons. If a ruin is explored by a unit, its parent nation receives a certain amount of a particular Basic Resource, disappearing after its retrieval.

Ruins give a basic 25 resource units and an additional 25 per Science Science level researched. Ruins may give a bonus to Food Food, Timber Timber, Wealth Wealth and—once the nation has entered Classical Age Classical AgeMetal Metal, but never Knowledge Knowledge.

Ruins provide a boost to the early economy of a nation.

Hint Exploring a ruin always gives a bonus to the resource the nation currently has the least of.

Any unit can be used to find and explore ruins, but Scouts are usually the best choice: They are fast and have a good vision range, which is also improved by researching Science Science technologies. Also, Scouts will automatically explore Ruins in their vicinity, even when following a set waypoint route: When a Scout spots a ruin while following a route, it deviates from it to collect the ruin bonus, then picks up his original route again. Auto-exploring units will also explore a ruin once they spotted it.

At the beginning of the round, ruins tend to be quickly "used up" so be sure to assign a few scouts to explore.

Modding Edit

The amount of resources that ruins give can be modified by editing the file \data\rules.xml with a regular text editor (like Notepad in Windows). The basic bonuses can be found in lines 523 and 524, with the first line being the basic amount and the second line the bonus added per Science level.

   <GOODY_BOX value="25 resources"/>
   <GOODY_BOX_AGE value="25 resources / age"/>

The bonuses for the Spanish nation can be found in lines 314 and 315:

   <SPANISH_RUINS_BASE value="30"/>
   <SPANISH_RUINS value="26"/>