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Royal Hwarang Screen

A Royal Hwarang unit.

Royal Hwarang are the Korean unique Foot Archers of the Medieval Age Medieval Age, avaliable to upgrade from Elite Hwarang as soon as the age is reached. Like all infantry, Elite Hwarang are trained and upgraded at the Barracks, replacing the standard Crossbowmen.

Overview Edit

By upgrading from the Elite Hwarang, they receive +10 hit points and +2 attack strength, while compared with Crossbowmen, Royal Hwarang have +7 hit points, +1 armor and +1 attack strength, making them overall better suited for all roles, in theory. However, if facing enemy Crossbowmen, they will be outmatched due to the sheer speed of crossbow projectiles (read here for details).

Unit Costs Edit

Unit production cost increases progressively with every Barracks unit on the field or currently in production. The default increase is of 1 Timber Timber and 1 Wealth Wealth for the second unit created, increasing further with every new unit until the cost cap is reached, which for military units is +125% of their original base value; in the case of Elite Hwarang that is 90 Timber Timber, 112 Wealth Wealth. Upgrading this unit costs double the base cost of the unit it will upgrade to; this means that the upgrade to Royal Hwarang has a cost of 80 Timber Timber, 100 Wealth Wealth. It's important to note, however, that these prices are the default standard, and actual production and upgrading costs may differ, depending on researched technologies/ages, connected rare resources, or adopted governments.