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The Rocket Artillery is the final upgrade of the Artillery Weapons unit line and becomes available, once a nation has reached the Information age small Information Age and developed Military Military 7 (Selective Service). Building it requires both Metal Metal and Oil Oil and, like all artillery, it takes up two population points.

Rocket Artillery has the second longest attack range of all units in the game, easily outranging all fortifications (Cities, Forts and Towers), while getting outranged only by the Advanced Battleship (which has a maximum range of 26). It deploys and packs in much less time compared to all other artillery.

Rocket Artillery en masse can provide devastating support for both attacking and defending armies, reducing most buildings to rubble in 2-3 volleys and continually mow down enemy troops at an alarming rate.

Operating Rocket Artillery Edit

When in neutral, allied or enemy territory, the Rocket Artillery requires a nearby Supply Wagon to operate at full efficiency. It receives an armor upgrade from a nearby General, but not the attack range bonus given by Patriots of consensus governments.

  • A connected Copper rare resource increases unit hit points by 20%.
  • A connected Sulphur rare resource decreases unit cost by 20%.

Trivia Edit