Rise of the Moderns is a series of mod for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. Generally, the mod series basically covers the early Industrial Age , as well as colonial imperialism in America and Asia. 



  • Features 5 "epochs": Colonial (the 1600s), Mercantile (the 1700s), Imperial (roughly the late 1700s till 1830s), Industrial (the late 1800s) and the Machine era (early 20th century).
  • Political choices as in Rise of Kings determine what units and wonders you can build. *Militaristic wonders generate units; civil wonders have a unique tech.
  • Combat triangle system for land units.
  • Archers/skirmishers and infantry units now have a minimum range, giving cavalry a different lease of life. This doesn't mean that they aren't effective, however. In subsequent ages, firearms become sufficiently deadly that cavalry are as good as decimated if they try a full frontal assault.
  • Three gripping campaigns telling the story of the world: the Founding of America campaign, the East Indies campaign and the modern-era Grand Campaign.

Work began on this mod in late 2016, and it is to be split up into several "chapters", being:

Chapter 1: Ultima RatioEdit

Ultima Ratio is in effect a rehash of Rise of Napoleon, an earlier mod by Ray Tang and originally hosted on Rise of Nations Heaven. However, while being a remake, this instalment of Rise of the Moderns sees the removal of the Rhine Confederation and Canada, and the insertion of Iran and Bavaria along with a vast slew of units for non-Western factions and bugfixes for buildings.


Chapter 2: Forge of StormsEdit

In addition to keeping most of the units and tech tree of the previous chapter intact Forge of Storms  will introduce new units and take the game into the Victorian era, featuring the clash between nations, revolutions and reaction.

Several new non-European factions are slated, notably Mexico , Japan, and Siam; alongside the Italian kingdom of Sardinia.

Chapter x: Sunrise to SunsetEdit

As its name suggests, Sunrise to Sunset focuses on Western colonisation and the Far East. We expect more factions to be implemented/converted over from Children of the Emperor.

Chapter x: Rise of the ModernsEdit


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