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Diplomacy can either be played in the RTS elements of the game, or during the duration of Conquer the World Campaigns. It is political gameplay, and helps stimulate or cease abruptly foreign relations and the legislative balance of your dealing, counsel, demands, offers, needs, and treaties with outside forces and other nations present in gameplay. (more...)

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NAMABG-Colored Alexander Sarcophagus 1 retouched

Colored reconstruction of a scene on one of the short sides of the Alexander Sarcophagus, representing a battle between Persians (clothed), believed to represent the Immortals, and Greeks/Macedonians (unclothed).

The Achaemenid Persian army has gained historical notoriety mostly from the wars against the Greeks, and with it, a reputiation of being as undisciplined and unexperienced as it was vast. In times of crisis, such as the invasions of Greece, the Achaemenid army was levied from peoples in all of its satrapies, and as such the equipment, experience and specialty of the troops in such diverse army varied greatly. From the viewpoint of the professional Greek soldiery, the "Persian" army could easily be seen as a disorderly horde of rabble, a notion that has managed to persist to this day. But not only is such notion incorrect, as the Achaemenid army was exceptionally well organized considering the cultural, geographical, and language barriers; in the strictest of terms the Greeks were thinking of the levy and mercenary army that the Persians raised for the occasion, and not the Persian kara (army) per se, the professional backbone of any serious military operation, where Persians themselves, both noble and commoner, served their military duties, and besides Persians, only Medes, and possibly Elamites, could enlist. The elite heavy infantry force of this standing army was called by the Greeks "Athánatoi", meaning "Immortals". (more...)


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Carriers launching Fighter Bombers
Three Aircraft Carriers launching a couple of Fighter Bombers.

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The United Allies were made to preserve humankind and colonize new planets. These people have colonized the planet Yora and are beginning to... (more...)

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