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From the dawn of man, the sea has been both his greatest friend and his greatest enemy. It provides food in the form of fish, and it provides protection by creating a natural barrier between two landmasses, however, it also consumes lives as the unfortunate individuals fall victim to the ever-hungry clutches of the sea. Long has man dreamt of controlling and using the sea to his advantage, because then one of the two most powerful elements of this world would have become his ally. Today, we still cannot control the sea, but we can make it do some of our bidding, as it carries our ships from shore to shore. The Navy is... (more...)

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The United Allies were made to preserve humankind and colonize new planets. These people have colonized the planet Yora and are beginning to... (more...)

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Who is your favourite Native American tribe in this game? (Including the two Barbarian ones)

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Carriers launching Fighter Bombers
Three Aircraft Carriers launching a couple of Fighter Bombers.

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