Rise of Kings: Warbirth is a spinoff of the popular Rise of Kings mod. It is currently still WIP and it is unknown if it will ever be finished.


LydiansRasennaHellasIndiansHebrewsPhoeniciansCeltsBach VietEgyptiansIberiansShangZhouNubiansThraciansBabylonChosonMitanniGermansPhrygiansAssurArabsElamitesIraniansHittitesAltogether bronze

Each coin/ornament represents a faction in Rise of Kings: Warbirth.
Mouse over the coins to view which faction each one represents.

Progress notesEdit

  1. Phase 1: Mitanni, Assur, Babylon, Elam. Only basic units - chariots, horsemen, and all infantry. Mitanni will get their Maryannu units, however.

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