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The Redoubt is the Fort building of the Modern age small Modern Age. It is the third and final Fort upgrade, and all of the nation's existing Fortresses are automatically upgraded as long as the age is reached and Military Military 6 (Nation-in-Arms) has been researched. Like all military structures it can be built anywhere within friendly (own or allied) borders.

When upgraded from the Fortress, the Redoubt gains +900 hit points, +1 armor, +1 attack range, +2 maximum garrison power, and +2 line of sight. Destroying or razing a Redoubt also, and giving the enemy +20 Metal Metal if plundered.

With the final building upgrade Engineering researched at the Lumber Mill, the Redoubt gets a maximum of 5980 hit points. That, along with the highest armor of all structures, makes the Redoubt a quite durable structure.

However, it remains defenseless even against older artillery units and bombardment ships: With the final Fort upgrade Strategic Reserves researched, the Redoubt gets a maximum attack range of 15 tiles (+1 for a General garrisoned inside, +1 with a connected Obsidian rare resource). Thus, it is outranged even by Gunpowder Age Bombards and all Bombardment Ships. Furthermore, even in its final incarnation the structure remains completely defenseless against air raids, and mobile or stationary air defenses need to be placed in its vicinity to protect it from bombing runs.

Like its predecessors, Redoubts cannot be built too close to other allied or enemy Forts, nor enemy Cities.

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