The Red Fort is one of three wonders added by the Thrones & Patriots expansion. It becomes available in the Gunpowder Age and requires both Wealth Wealth and Metal Metal to build.

  • Wonder of the World: 2 Wonder point wonder points.
  • Massive Fort with long range, many hit points, extra garrison value, increased border push, and resistance to air attack.
  • Can be built wherever a Fort can; does not count against a City's Wonder Limit (1 wonder per city). Its build location is not revealed to the enemy until it is complete.
  • Receive Fort upgrades for free and all Forts gain 33% more hit points.
  • Units garrisoned at any Fort heal at +500% the normal rate.

Very powerful fortification and extremely effective in securing cities or key locations. Despite its enormous combat strength, it is still outranged by artillery units, so you want to keep a small detachment of cavalry units nearby to counter these units. Like Forts in general, the Red Fort is also defenseless against air attacks and needs protection from stationary air defenses or anti-aircraft units.

Note: Despite the description, the increased healing seems to work only for the Red Fort only, and not other Forts. It also applies to allied units garrisoned within. The healing rate, both in terms of the number of frames between healing and in terms of hit points healed per second, is:

Herbal Lore tier Standard Garrison HP/sec Red Fort Garrison HP/sec
None 1 every 20 frames 0.75 1 every 3 frames 5
1 1 every 15 frames 1 1 every 2 frames 7.5
2 1 every 10 frames 1.5 1 every frame 15
3 1 every 5 frames 3 1 every frame 15

Although the augmented healing applies to all units garrisoned within, the Herbal Lore tier for healing rate depends on the nation of the garrisoned unit, instead of the Fort.

Conquer the World Edit

Abilities in Conquer the World mode when not in territory:

  • Receive Fort upgrades for free and all Forts gain 33% more Hit points.


  • This wonder mainly serves as an assistance for defense strategies as garrisoned units heal several times faster and Forts gain increased abilities.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • For some reason, computer players never build this wonder.


  • If you look closely, you can see that the towers on the Red Fort resemble that of a tower built by a nation that has an East Indian building style.
  • The Red Fort is actually based on the Red Fort in New Delhi, India

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