Merchant Deploying

Merchants are used to gather land resources.

Rare resources are a type of resource in Rise of Nations. They are limited in number and are usually gathered by Merchants built at the Market. Each rare resource increases the gather rate of one or two basic resources and offers a special benefit, such as lowering a certain research time or giving an economic or military boost.

Finding and gathering rare resourcesEdit

Rare resources appear as bright blue spots on the minimap after being discovered by a friendly unit. If a Merchant unit or a Market is selected, resource locations, which are currently not exploited by the nation, appear as blinking spots on the minimap. The Spanish start with a revealed map also showing the locations of all rare resouces currently available.

Most rare resource are visible from the beginning (Ancient Age Ancient Age). However, a few of them are only revealed to a nation when it enters a certain age, e.g., Sulphur becomes visible when entering Gunpowder Age Gunpowder Age, while Coal and Aluminum become visible in Industrial Age Industrial Age. As long as they are not visible to a nation, they appear as a patch of rocks (like with oil), preventing nations from overbuilding them.

The benefits of a resource are given, once a Merchant is fully deployed at the resource location (deploying takes around 10 seconds, a small orange bar above the health bar shows the progress). If the Merchant starts to pack itself again, the benefits are lost immediately. Connected resources appear in an icon list on the left side of the game screen. Resources in enemy territory may be exploited as well, but since Merchants are subject to attrition damage, they need to be protected by a nearby Supply Wagon or else will be quickly destroyed.

To gather Metal Metal and Knowledge Knowledge bonuses from rare resources, a nation must first enter Classical Age Classical Age. The Greeks may gather Knowledge from the beginning, making the early exploitation of resources like Relics, Papyrus and Obsidian more useful.

Increasing the gather rateEdit

Researching the Taxation technologies at the Temple increases the gather rate of merchants as well as the non-food production of fishing boats: with Taxation +20%, with Vassalage +50%, with Social Contract +100% and with Tax Income +200%. The Porcelain Tower wonder increases the gather rate by 200% and also gives the special benefits of unconnected rare resources within friendly borders. The Nubians receive an innate bonus of 50% on the gather rate and can see rare resources within their borders.

Bonuses to the gather rate are always added to the base rate and are only applied if the resource is within friendly borders (i.e., own or allied territory). Rare resources in neutral or enemy territory will always give the base rate (the location of the resource matters, not the location of the Merchant hut).

The special benefits of rare resources (like cost reduction) cannot be increased in any way.

Fish and WhalesEdit

Fish and Whales are special rare resources - they are only found in ocean and there is usually more than one source of them. They appear as green spots on the minimap. Fish also don't provide a special benefit and thus won't appear in the connected resource list on the left. Both sea resources require a fishing boat (built at a Dock) to be gathered. Multiple nations may exploit a particular Fish or Whales resource, like with rare resources on land.

List of Rare Resources in Rise of NationsEdit

Resource Gather Rate Special Bonus
IconAluminum Small Aluminum Industrial Age +20 Knowledge, +20 Metal Aircraft costs reduced by 15% and speed increased by 25%.
IconAmber Small Amber +10 Timber, +10 Wealth Market sell prices +10 and buy prices -10.
IconBison Small Bison +20 Food Granary research costs reduced by 33%.
IconCitrus Small Citrus +10 Food, +10 Timber Ships at sea heal automatically.
IconCoal Small Coal Industrial Age +15 Knowledge, +15 Metal Reduces all Timber costs by 15%.
IconCopper Small Copper +20 Metal Factory and Dock units receive +20% hit points.
IconCotton Small Cotton +20 Timber Barracks, Stable, and Dock production times reduced by 25%.
IconDiamonds Small Diamonds +20 Wealth Raises Commerce limit by +10%.
IconDye Small Dye +10 Wealth, +10 Knowledge Cost of Civic research reduced by 25%.
IconFish Small Fish +10 Food, +10 Wealth None.
IconFurs Small Furs +10 Food, +10 Metal Cost of Military research reduced by 25%.
IconGems Small Gems +10 Wealth, +10 Knowledge National Borders +2.
IconHorses Small Horses +10 Food, +10 Metal Cost of Stable units reduced by 15%.
IconMarble Small Marble +10 Timber, +10 Metal Cost to build wonders reduced by 10%.
IconObsidian Small Obsidian +10 Knowledge, +10 Metal Archers, Towers, Forts, and Cities gain +1 attack.
IconPapyrus Small Papyrus +10 Timber, +10 Knowledge Cost of Science research reduced by 25%.
IconPeacocks Small Peacocks +10 Wealth, +10 Metal +10% to population limit.
IconRelics Small Relics +20 Knowledge Reduces research and upgrade times by 33%.
IconRubber Small Rubber Industrial Age +20 Timber, +20 Oil Cost of Auto Plant units reduced by 15%.
IconSalt Small Salt +10 Timber, +10 Metal Cost of Barracks troops reduced by 10%. (not 15% as stated in the tooltip!)
IconSilk Small Silk +10 Timber, +10 Wealth Cost of Commerce research reduced by 25%.
IconSilver Small Silver +10 Wealth, +10 Metal Age advancement cost reduced by 15%.
IconSpice Small Spice +10 Food, +10 Knowledge Caravan income increased by 20%.
IconSugar Small Sugar +10 Food, +10 Timber Reduces all food costs by 10%.
IconSulphur Small Sulphur Gunpowder Age +15 Wealth, +15 Metal Cost of Siege and Artillery units reduced by 20%.
IconTitanium Small Titanium Industrial Age +20 Food, +20 Oil Attrition in enemy territory reduced by 50%.
IconTobacco Small Tobacco +10 Wealth, +10 Knowledge Citizens construct buildings and wonders 10% faster.
IconUranium Small Uranium Industrial Age +20 Knowledge, +20 Oil Nuclear missiles 10% faster and 5% cheaper.
IconWhales Small Whales +10 Food, +10 Metal Increases sailing ship speed by 20%.
IconWine Small Wine +10 Food, +10 Knowledge Cost of unit upgrades reduced by 20%.
IconWool Small Wool +10 Timber, +10 Knowledge Citizens produced 33% faster and 15% cheaper.

Gunpowder Age revealed in Gunpowder Age, Industrial Age revealed in Industrial Age

Campaign-Only Rare Resources in Thrones and PatriotsEdit

Resource Gather Rate Special Bonus
Bananas Bananas +10 Food, +10 Timber All unit hit points increased by 10%.
Beaver Pelts Beaver Pelts +10 Food, +10 Timber Free Scouts and Merchants.
Cattle Cattle +20 Food Citizen armor increased by 1.
Coffee Coffee +10 Food, +10 Knowledge Resource income raised by 10%.
Icon Gold Gold +30 Wealth Reduces all Wealth costs by 10%.
IconGypsum Gypsum +20 Metal Reduces all costs by 10%.
IconHuskies Huskies +10 Food Scout vision increased by 3.
Incense Incense +10 Knowledge, +10 Wealth Cost of Temple research reduced by 25%.
Icon Iron Ore Iron Ore +30 Metal All Metal costs reduced by 10%.
IconSpice Maize +30 Food Cost to ramp up units reduced by 50%.
Olive Oil Olive Oil +20 Food Allows one extra Farm per City.
IconRum Rum +10 Food, +10 Wealth Ship combat ranges increased by 1.
IconSalmon Salmon +30 Food Cost of naval units reduced by 20%.

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