Ranged Cavalry

Ranged Cavalry of all ages.

Ranged Cavalry is a class of units in Rise of Nations, introduced in the Classical age small Classical Age, and part of the Cavalry branch. Ranged Cavalry units are created at the Stable (Auto Plant from Industrial age small Industrial Age on), requiring both Timber and Wealth in the earlier ages, and Food and Oil in the later ages.

In general, Ranged Cavalry are lightly-armored units with ranged weapons and the ability to fire while moving. They are very effective in raiding enemy Support Units, Artillery Weapons and Civilians, but in turn are easily trumped when fighting Light Infantry and Foot Archers, as well as heavy cavalry and tanks.

The class receives a major upgrade in the Industrial age small Industrial Age when its mounted units - along with the now-obsolete Light Cavalry - are converted into fast-moving, lightly-armored vehicles. They retain the Ranged Cavalry class, but their target range is now extended to include most infantry, to complement the heavier Tanks. However, they become more vulnerable against Tanks, compared with against Heavy Cavalry in previous ages.

Ranged cavalry are also less vulnerable against helicopter units than are tanks.


Ranged Cavalry are effective raiders, being able to harass enemy Civilian units and disrupt the foe's economy. Ranged Cavalry are also effective at defending Heavy Cavalry and Tanks from a force of Heavy Infantry.

In Rise of Nations, the fog of war blinds all players, thus necessitating the use of Scouts. However, scouts are defenseless and easily killed. However, Ranged Cavalry also are efficient scouts, being able to pierce the fog of war and view enemy dispositions, resource buildings, etc., yet are still able to dissuade any would-be pursuers with a moderately powerful attack.

Upgrade table Edit

Age Unit Class
Ancient age small Ancient Age None Unavaliable
Classical age small Classical Age Horse Archer Ranged Cavalry
Medieval age small Medieval Age Heavy Horse Archer Ranged Cavalry
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age Dragoon Ranged Cavalry
Enlightenment age small Enlightenment Age Carabineer Ranged Cavalry
Industrial age small Industrial Age Armored Car Ranged Cavalry
Modern age small Modern Age Armored Scout Car Ranged Cavalry
Information age small Information Age Armored Cavalry Ranged Cavalry

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