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The Radar Air Defense is the next upgrade from the Air Defense Gun. It is available to build in the Modern Age. Its next, and final, auto-grade is the SAM Installation, which becomes available in the Information Age


The Radar Air Defense has improved durability, firepower and range over its Industrial Age counterpart; However it takes longer to build and more resources. This building, like other Air Defense buildings can detect hidden units.


Like all other air defense units, and buildings, Radar Air Defenses can be jammed by scouts, until the scout leaves or is killed and ground forces can take down these with little effort. Higher-tier aircraft can also be a problem, if their attention is solely focused on the structure.


To prevent the building from being Jammed by scouts or destroyed by enemy units, ground forces should be on hand to intercept attacking ground forces and Fighter aircraft should be brought in to take down overwhelming squadrons of enemy aircraft.


The Radar Air Defense is based on the German 8.8 cm Flak 18 anti-aircraft gun.

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