'This is a free-form scenario where you can play the game at your own pace. Try to capture the barbarian Capitol or capture 70% of the map. There will be hints and reminders to help you as you play.'

The Quick Learn scenario, is a play-as-you-learn environment game match in the Rise of Nations Tutorial Menu, where you take control to formulate the British nation, and succeed in traversing and taking the land from the barbarian tribe (which is the Bantu).

Overview Edit

Objective(s) Edit

The main goal of the match, is to trample the Bantu off Britain with force. Another, is to increasingly expand your territory to at least 70% of the land to achieve the secondary objective of the free form scenario.

Occasionally, the narrator will give you certain objectives, depending on your current situation or progress in building and vitalizing the British nation. He will inform you on basic factors in gameplay as you steadily progress.

Plot Edit

You begin this Tutorial in the Ancient Age, with only a few Citizens to spare, a Small City (which is Edinburgh by the way), three Farms, and finally a Woodcutter's camp near your city. You will start with a single Scout as well. As you progress, you will start to see Britain becoming a vast nation of strength, with instructional help and guidance from the narrator. After some speculation, and you start to progress even further, the Bantu (lead by Ogumagabe, their leader), will launch a subsequent attack if you're not careful. Without strong positions, military structures and defenses, and a large army of troops, you are most likely doomed to failure, unless you have advanced through a notable movement in ages. Defend against this attack well, and you will prosper significantly. A tip: after defending with major success, and no damage sustained to your Cities, you should advance quickly on Bantu territory, and attack their military buildings, as well as raze their civilian structures if possible in their Cities. If you prefer the course of action not to launch an offensive, you probably want construct new Cities and research more at your Library in Civics, to expand your borders, and create new open slots for Trade Routes. Should you do this successfully, you are destined to topple your enemy. However, shrewd dealing in Diplomacy, is another possible way to insure a peaceful means to victory, but you will not achieve victory over the British Isles, as intended by most players.