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The Pyramids is a wonder of the Classical age small Classical Age. It costs both Food Food and Timber Timber to create.

Effects Edit

Effects in Conquer the World mode when not in territory:

Strategy Edit

The pyramid is a useful wonder for players who are not going too well farming, fishing or gathering food rare resources. The food gathering rate boost granted by this wonder helps a lot and grants the player the chance to expand his/her frontiers a little bit more at the cheaper price, without receiving any problems by the food or wealth Commerce Limit (if Taxation is activated too). But this wonder, in comparison with the Colossus, is larger and so requires more space to be built.

The Pyramids wonder is useful in desertic maps like Southwest Mesa, the Great Sahara, the African Watering Hole, the desertic Australian Outback and the Nile Delta and is more used for a booming strategy than a rushing one.


This wonder is based on Egyptian Pyramids build during the period of the Old kingdom. The Great Pyramid of Giza consists of an estimated 2.3 million limestone blocks.

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