The Portuguese are a special nation available only in some campaign modes of Thrones and Patriots. They are a playable nation in the The New World campaign and a non-playable nation in the Napoleon campaign.

In RoNEdit

New World CampaignEdit

In this campaign they use the Power of Trade bonuses from the Nubians:

  • You can see all rare resources in your territory from the beginning.
  • Merchants in own or allied territory gather an extra 50% resources from rare resources.
  • Caravan Limit is increased by +1 (may have one additional Caravan).
  • You start with a Market and can always sell/buy resources with a +20/-20 price bonus.
  • Merchants, Caravans, Markets are 50% cheaper and have an additional 50% hit points.

The Portuguese' sole appearance in the game as a playable faction sees them in The New World where they start in Central Basin, a territory in South America. The Portuguese campaign is rather difficult to play because South America has far fewer territories compared to the north, and face some of the most powerful factions, most notably the Dutch, the Maya and the Inca.

CtW ObjectivesEdit

  • Outlast or destroy the Aztecs, Maya, Inca, Lakota and Iroquois,
  • Control the highest amount of territory
  • Gather 1,000 tribute

Initial startEdit

  • Territories: Central Basin
  • Tribute: 25
  • Bonus: ?

Napoleon campaignEdit

Here, the Portuguese instead have the Power of Gold, and are capable of recruiting the Inca unique Mortar unit.

In game modsEdit

Although not part of Rise of Nations, Portugal is covered by four mods for Rise of Nations: the Rise of Napoleon, and Rise of Kings: Chronicles, as well as the up-and-coming mods Age of Darkness and Rise of the Moderns.

Rise of NapoleonEdit

The Portuguese like in the New World campaign above retain the Power of Trade.

Rise of KingsEdit

The Portuguese instead have the Power of Navigation, which is a modified set of national bonuses based on that of the Greeks.

Rise of the ModernsEdit

For chapters 1-2 of Rise of the Moderns, the Portuguese resemble the Portuguese faction of Rise of Napoleon, but in the last two they instead take on powers similar to the Bantu and are known instead as the Portuguese Empire.

Age of DarknessEdit

In Age of Darkness, the Portuguese retain the Power of Trade, but are a very weak minor nation bereft of any unique units beyond a few unique naval vessels.

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