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Peacocks are one of 31 Rare Resources in the game and, if present on a map, available from the beginning. They appears as a small flock of green-blueish-black peacocks. Like most rare resources, they can be gathered by sending a Merchant from the Market to the resource location. Peacocks provide the following benefits:

The gather rates of rare resources can be increased in various ways, as described in the main article. Also note, that Metal is not gathered before the Classical age small Classical Age.

The 10% bonus is based on the population limit granted by the current Military Military Research level: With Military 1 the regular limit is 50 and Peacocks would add another 5 for a total maximum of 55. The bonus is also allowed to exceed the maximum population (by default it is 200, with Peacocks 220). The bonus from Peacocks is cumulative with the 100% population bonus of the Bantu. However, population limit increases from other sources, like the +50 from the Colossus wonder, are not affected by this resource.

Peacocks increase the Population Limit.


Peacocks should typically be seized as soon as possible, as building a large army is difficult without population boosts. However, one should not become too enraptured with seizing rare resources, as an enemy army may choose to assault one's cities while the player is otherwise occupied.

Note that in normal gameplay, there is normally only one of these resources avaliable in a map. Basically, even if you put more than one Peacocks in a custom made map, a nation that obtains two or more Peacocks will not experience a significant increase in the population limit.


Peafowl are native to Africa and Southern Asia, and the Hindhu religion has built up a cultural significance surrounding peafowl, because of their beautiful and unique plumage. In Europe, however, they were considered as a gastronomic and aesthetic treat for the nobility or any man of arms dressing to impress. Today, a declining population and strong illicit demand has resulted in peafowl being recognised as a threatened species, the traffic of either a live bird or a part thereof being heavily regulated if not banned in our times.

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