Peaceful Tech(nology) Race is an official game scenario in Rise of Nations. In this scenario, players are prohibited in attacking each other during the entire duration of a round. Instead, the only way to win is to gather resources and have your nation to be the first to research a designated age.


  • Unlike other situations, you do not have to stress on constructing an army, navy, or an air force. Instead, construct as many cities as possible no matter the location.
  • Be sure to build your Universities as a top priority.
  • To increase resource production, be sure to construct your cities in areas where it offers the most advantages. An example may include that a particular section of the map contains a mountain suitable for 10 citizens, it is possible to build a city nearby and maintain a steady metal production with the presence of a smelter.
  • To make the round more interesting, there can be additional ways to win this scenario such as constructing the required amount of wonders to reach a "wonder countdown", reach the designated amount of controlled territory in the map, or accumulate basic resources until it reaches a certain milestone.
  • Unlike most other situations, caravans should not have any trouble in moving through the map thus it is not required to guard them.
  • You can economically rush or boom with suffering from almost any type of consequence thus be confident in your approach to winning this scenario.

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