Patriot units in the Classical Age, Gunpowder Age, and Industrial Age.

The Patriot is a special General unit introduced in Thrones & Patriots. He is automatically created at the nation's Senate after researching the first government, and each nation can only have one Patriot at any time, automatically upgraded when a new government is reasearched, and respawning from the Senate building after a brief time in case of death.

The Patriot is unarmed and has the same stats and special abilities as a regular General, and is upgraded in the same way. However, depending on the government chosen, he receives a couple of additional abilities, essentially making him a much stronger version of the regular General. Once you choose a new type of government, your current Patriot will change, losing previous benefits and obtaining new ones. You still retain the benefits of the previous type(s) of government to your nation.

Also, when the Patriot dies in battle, he is automatically replaced 30 seconds later at the Senate (or your current capital, if you have lost your Senate). Note that the Senate can be given a Rally Point, allowing you to specify the target position of a new/replaced Patriot.

Like Generals, Patriots are Support Units. Unlike Generals however, Patriots are immune to sniping and bribing, like Civilians.

Age Totalitarian Patriots Consensus Patriots
Classical age small Classical Age Government Despotism (large) The Despot Government Republic (large) The Senator
Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age Government Monarchy (large) The King Government Democracy (large) The President
Industrial age small Industrial Age Government Socialism (large) The Comrade Government Capitalism (large) The CEO

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