This unique scenario, referred to as 'Operation Cowboy', is part of the one of the major Conquer the World Campaigns, the Cold War Campaign. This is a match that can be exclusively launched and played by Rise of Nations gamers, assuming the command of the Soviets. This operation can be assumed by a large Soviet field army positioned in Cuba, onto the Gulf Coast territory, under American control in the mainland. This is mainly an assault to subdue the region by a swift assault.

Summary    Edit

Objective(s) Edit

Your primary operational goal, is to seize the heavily guarded Major City of Atlanta, due southeast of the map. Your mission is to also supress remaing resistance by the Americans, waiting for your meteoric entrance representing your military's strength.  

Plot Edit

Your massive Soviet military has already landed and already has captured the Major City of St. Louis. As you can see, St. Louis is already assimilated under your definite control, and many a Citizen of your nation are already productively & extremely laboriously working at St. Louis on Farms and woodcutter's camps. You can also notice, that you're City is protected on the southern and eastern sides by Bunkers. Move on the southeasternmost side of land, where Atlanta sits idle, with a lot Office Buildings, Apartments, and more important findings and structures there. Send forth your forces quickly, to save precious time in your blitz. Should you trample the American defenders along the forests on the way, the gate to Atlanta is open for the taking.

Tips   Edit

Tip 1: If you control Mexico (a territory west of Cuba) and have an army stationed there, send them as reinforcements in your assault. (Note that this is only if you want to exceed your time in this scenario and have fun with it.)

Tip 2: You can flank the Americans by cutting across country east, then heading down south, full throttle. This will give their army slow time to react when your forces burst into the City's streets guns and rockets ablaze, while they are caught off guard and way too busy with their economic growth and welfare.

Tip 3: In the event that you play a major strategy, by playing more than two Mercenaries Cards in the Gulf Coast Territory when attacking, you are likely to be subjected to a fast-paced victory in battle, and thus, you have overruned Atlanta at a remarkable time, and have achieved its Tribute and Resources.

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