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The Okwari is the Iroquois unique scouting unit of the Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age that replaces the standard Commando.

Overview Edit

Compared to the Commando, the Okwari is available in the Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age instead of the Industrial Age Industrial Age, have +10 hit points, +4 attack range (for Counterintelligence), +1 movement speed, +1 line of sight, and +500 Craft Craft, as well as the ability to move through forests. They also receive +3 line of sight per Science Science research instead of +2, and do not take bonus damage from Industrial Age Industrial Age Ranged Cavalry[note 1] and Biplanes.

The increased attack range allows the Okwari to take down Spies from farther away, even beyond their own line of sight, and their additional Craft Craft gives them an extra edge when having to dispatch more than one Spy and allows them to sabotage and snipe enemies more liberally. In addition, as the Okwari is available earlier than other nations' Commando, the Iroquois will have a significant edge in special operations.

Special abilities Edit

Ability Description
Allows the Okwari to kill an enemy spy unit or to remove an informer from a building or unit. Spies have this ability as well. Default action when targeting enemy Spies (cursor turns into a knife). Costs 500 Craft Craft to use.
Instantly kills the target enemy unit. Civilians cannot be sniped, but Generals and Supply Wagons can. Artillery units and Tanks can be sniped, but the Okwari has to move next to the target unit. Costs 1000 Craft Craft to use.
Reduces the target enemy building's hit points by 50%; if the building's hit points is more than 50% of its maximum, it will receive 200 damage instead. Costs 1000 Craft Craft to use.


  • Okwari means "bear" in the Mohawk language.[1]
  • If the Iroquois have the standard Commando in a scenario, they will still be able to move through forests since the ability to do so is given by their nation power. Conversely, if another nation has the Okwari, they won't have the ability to move through forests, which will never happen in an ordinary match since Scouts cannot be bribed.


  1. There are "Pathfinder", "Pioneer", and "Ranger" entries in the game files which is supposed to modify the damage taken by the Iroquois' unique Scouts, but possibly due to naming error, these lines have no effect in-game, despite being in the correct location.