Nuclear Warfare is a style of military conflict in which nuclear weapons are used. The term usually refers to confrontations in which opposing sides are both armed with, and use, nuclear weapons. Unlike conventional warfare, nuclear warfare is much more destructive in both area and extent of damage and, in the real world, has severe damaging effects on both people and the environment that can last decades, centuries, or even millennia after the nuclear war.

Mechanics of Nuclear Warfare Edit

In Rise of Nations, players can construct a Missile Silo to perform nuclear technology research and build Nuclear Missiles and Nuclear ICBMs. These missiles both deal tremendous damage, but trigger an Armageddon "timer". Every time a missile is fired, the Armageddon timer value decreases by one. In addition, the player will receive the status effect Nuclear Embargo which prevents the buying and selling of Resources for a period of time. Players may avoid the embargo by building the Space Program wonder. When the timer hits zero, Armageddon occurs, and all players lose the game due to nuclear doomsday.

The Nuclear Missile can be built in the Modern Age and causes huge amounts of damage with a small blast radius. The Nuclear ICBM is an Information Age upgrade of the Nuclear Missile. Its damage is massive, and the blast radius is much larger than that of the Nuclear Missile.

One of the Information Age end game technologies, Missile Shield, causes the Armageddon timer value to increase by two. It also prevents enemy missiles from being launched at any target within the player's Territory, at their Ships, or at their Buildings (i.e. a City). If a missile is aimed and launched, but Missile Shield is researched before it hits its target, it will run into the ground and fail to explode.

With the rare resource uranium , nuclear missiles become 5% cheaper and 10% faster.

A.I. Behavior Edit

Easy and easiest AIs do not use nuclear missiles. Moderate and higher AIs will use nuclear weapons without hesitation. They will continue using them as long they have the resources to do so and the Armageddon timer value is above 1. Once the Armageddon timer value hits 1, they will stop using nuclear weapons in order to prevent Armageddon.

AIs will only target cities with their nuclear weapons.

Strategies Edit

Strategies vs. AIs Edit

Because AIs will only target cities with their nukes, when you play a game against moderate or higher AIs, make sure you build your buildings a bit away from your city centers in order to prevent their destruction by nuclear weapons an AI uses a nuke, it will be fired on one of your cities.

Strategies vs. Other Players Edit

While AIs do not use nuclear missiles in a strategic way, other players will. When you play versus other players, some basic strategic choices you should make are to:

  • Spread out your military buildings so they are not all destroyed in a single nuclear strike.
  • Move your army when a nuclear missile is launched if your army has been stationary for some time.
  • In general, spread your buildings out so less of them are destroyed in any particular nuclear attack.

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