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  • Can quickly devastate targets within a matter of seconds
  • Very useful in bringing the hit points of an enemy city to zero
  • Decreases the Armageddon Clock by 1, which will limit the number of nukes other players can fire safely.


  • Requires a very long time to construct (unless Artificial Intelligence has been researched)
  • Takes up space in your population cap.
  • Completely useless (and cannot be launched) if the target (or the territory of all enemy nations) is protected by a Missile Shield. Coupled with the above, Nuclear ICBMs can become an annoyance, as they cannot be destroyed unless the silo is razed.
  • If a Nuclear ICBM successfully hits its target, the Armageddon Clock will be activated or decreased and a Nuclear Embargo will hamper your purchase of Resources unless you have obtained the Space Program wonder.
  • The Nuclear ICBM rarely hits units that move very fast (such as aircraft) so be sure to launch the nuke ahead of time (or simply send your military units to attack).
  • If launched improperly and irresponsibly, the ICBM can bring more harm than good (i.e. your own military units can be killed by the explosion if they are within the blast radius).


  • If an enemy launches a nuclear missile on a city, they will mainly launch on a key city. An ideal strategy would be to spread out your buildings so that not all of them can be struck, especially if the city has a wonder.
  • Don't fire Nuclear ICBMs until you can build the Space Program. The Space Program eliminates the effects of a Nuclear Embargo. You can also see the entire map, so if an army is preparing to strike a city, they can be sighted and eliminated.

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