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  • Strengths: Robust economic bonuses, strong early game raiding capability, their bonuses and unique units give them an edge against raiding-oriented nations, such as Mongols or Lakota, and the ability to devastate enemy infantry.
  • Weaknesses: Highly subceptible to factions focused on melee cavalry, especially the speedy Greeks and Russians.

As Nubia, you will be able to control its massive trade empire. The Power of Trade also includes the ability to collect bonuses from rare resources without having a merchant to collect them. This control over rare resources can be a big advantage as some of their bonuses are as powerful as national powers, and no enemy raid will be able to cut the Nubians off from them. A wise Nubian player will invest in exploration of territory thoroughly to be able to collect these bonuses as soon as possible. What is more, the Nubian nation's ability to gather wealth is also enhanced, as the access to a Market and the buying and selling of resources is avaliable from the start, allowing to fine-tune production better than other nations, which require researching two Commerce upgrades to be able to do the same.

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