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Nomad is an official game scenario in Rise of Nations, available in Quick Battle/Skirmish and Multiplayer Games. In this mode, each nation starts with just three Citizens and must build the capital itself, before being able to construct other buildings, gather resources, and conduct research. Nation powers remain inactive until the capital is completed, and some powers are even forfeited (see below).

In Nomad games, capitals are often built in more random locations and nations tend to expand and develop in a more asymmetrical way as well, providing an interesting alternative to the symmetric setup of other game types.

Starting Edit

Nomad - First city

At least two citizens should be ordered to construct the capital for a much faster completion.

The three 'nomad citizens' start out in random locations, but always on the same continent (land mass). They can easily be group-selected by pressing Shift + . (period) - this selects all idle workers - or by pressing . (period) three times, this selects all workers on the map. One of the Citizens is also assigned to the hotkey group "11", thus can be selected by pressing the F1 key.

Building the capital costs just 10 Food Food and 10 Timber Timber, but takes longer compared to a regular city: Completion takes roughly 2:00 minutes with one citizen, 1:20 minutes with two citizens, 1:05 minutes with all three citizens (normal game speed).

Effect on nation powers Edit

In Nomad games, all nation powers remain inactive until the first city is completed. While some nations will just have to wait for their bonuses to activate, other advantages are completely lost:

  • The French, the Egyptians, the Nubians, the Koreans, the Greeks, and the Dutch each won't get their free building in this mode, nor a compensation for it. However, they may still build it, once the capital is completed, without fulfilling the regular technology requirements - with one exception: For some reason, the Dutch cannot build their Market without researching it's prerequisite technology, Commerce 1 (Barter).
  • The Dutch also won't get their two free Armed Merchants.
  • The Aztecs, the Americans, the Dutch, the Romans and the Russians each lose their free technology and there's no compensation for it, either.
  • The Spanish won't get their extra Scout unit(s) in this mode, and receive no compensation for it. However, the map is still revealed to the player, once the capital is completed.
  • The Persians won't get the 50% bonus food.
  • The Koreans do get their extra Citizen, once the capital is completed.
  • The Bantu's movement bonus and discount on city cost are activated, once the capital is built.


  • Depending on the map and the current technology era, some players can convert their citizens into Partisans or militia to eliminate enemy units. However, if all citizens of a particular nation are killed, that player will be defeated. Due to this, some servers restrict the time to wage war for a few minutes.
  • Try to construct your first city nearby crucial resources, especially, rare resources, and/or nearby allied nations. As it has been said, location is a very important factor to consider. 
  • Nomad is generally best played in maps where land is plentiful, such as Amazon Rainforest, as citizens cannot construct docks until a city has been built. For example, this game scenario may not be fully enjoyed in "restricted" maps, such as East Indies.
  • In some rare situations, enemy nations may actually build their first cities nearby each other! However, this is a very sight to observe unless this game scenario is with such maps, like British Isles, or if those players are confident enough to quickly gain victory.
  • Diplomacy is one of the best gameplay scenarios to implement with as it can make the round less predictable (if you are that type of player who likes surprises).
  • When starting the round with this game scenario, you have at least two choices: you can either begin building your first city immediately or search for better locations and/or ruins.
    • However, delaying the construction of your first city can have consequences so be sure to assign at least one citizen to build a city.
    • Note that if the entire structure of the map is not visible, it will be harder to choose a suitable location without being able to see what's ahead.
    • Do remember that constructing your first city at the very middle of the map can be considered to be a very serious mistake (unless war is prohibited).
    • Try not to construct your city in cramped locations as it can greatly restrict the progress of your economy (although it can make it harder for enemies to invade in large groups).
  • Be sure to remember that a city is more vulnerable for attack when it is placed right in the open without having any resource nearby.
  • Unlike other scenarios, Nomad offers players to randomly construct their first city/Capital thus making it harder for enemies to detect your essential cities.
    • To counter this, remember that players cannot construct their first city overseas or in areas heavily secluded by water.

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