Unit Information Game Strategies History
Normal Horse Archer are lightly armored and easy to maneuver but give a price for it as a vulnerable against faster light cavalry. But Nomads have extra hit points and they have an attack bonus against Light Infantry. So use these troops to gallop around the bulk of enemy light infantry and hurl arrow volleys. After devastating the enemy light infantry advance your archers and again loose arrows against enemy heavy infantry. When the enemy light cavalry arrives withdraw your light troops and place heavy infantry from the front shielding the light troops. Then advance with your nomads again to grasp your victory by killing as many units as they can. This tactic is not hope to be achieve all the time, the battle may be decisive or not and is a gamble game, but several such battles can eventually lead your oppenent to fall down. Though the author is highly suggested that they should not be in large numbers when raiding. The more the units, the harder to maneuver them. Even in a heavy arrow barrages from the horde of Nomads, the Light Cavalry is still able to harass the horde.

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