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Disambiguous This article is about The Mongol unique unit. For the game mode, see Nomad (Game Mode).
The Nomad is the Mongol unique Ranged Cavalry of the Classical Age Classical Age that replaces the standard Horse Archer.

Overview Edit

Compared to Horse Archers, Nomads are statistically identical, but they do +60% damage against Light Infantry, and +45% damage against Gunpowder Infantry, so their innate ability as raiders combined with this advantage makes them great counter-raiders as well. In addition, thanks to the Mongol Power of the Horde, Nomads benefit from a 50% Attritio attrition reduction, train faster, cost less, and some will be trained for free and instantly when a Stable is built.

As with all other animal-borne cavalry units, the Nomad can garrison inside Forts, but not inside Towers.

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