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No Rush is an official game scenario in Rise of Nations. In this scenario, players are not allowed to attack each other until someone reaches the Gunpowder Age.


  • Be sure to build up an army ahead of time to protect or attack.
  • In this situation, use your spies and plant an informer at enemy libraries!
    • Being armed with crucial information about the research levels of the enemy can greatly assist you!
    • If you suspect an enemy nation is about to reach the Gunpowder Age, be prepared and have an army ready to attack or lay siege.
    • Ensure that the enemy does not know your technology progress and regularly inspect your libraries to prevent or eliminate informers.
  • Ensure that you do not fall behind in the technology race as fighting nations who have advanced to the Gunpowder Age can be difficult.
  • If you have fallen behind, concentrate on accumulating knowledge and the required resources to catch up with other nations.
  • If diplomacy is enabled, you can forge an alliance with a nation that is close to reaching the Gunpowder Age.
    • If allying is not possible, try to maintain peace and/or create a dispute among rivaling nations. When this happens, you can gather sufficient resources and either defend or attack from enemies.

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