This page is about the map type. For the campaign, see The New World.

New World
Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale
Each nation gets a cramped island and must exploit the rich mainland.

New World is a land/sea map type in Rise of Nations, available in skirmish or multiplayer games. The players start on small islands towards the map's edges. There's a large landmass in the center, which players need to colonize if they want to stand a chance against the others.

Resources Edit

  • Timber Timber (Forests): Average. Small forests on each player's island and lots of larger forests on the mainland.
  • Metal Metal (Mountains): Average. Each player's island gets a mountain, many others can be found on the mainland. If you have trouble capturing enough mountains, send your Fishermen to fish at Whales resources, as these will provide you with metal as well.
  • Oil Oil: Average. One oil patch per each player's island, while several patches are found on the mainland and in the oceans.
  • Rare Resources: One per each player's island, and lots of rare resources on the mainland. There's also a lot of Fish and Whales in the oceans.

Strategies Edit

  • Make the research of Commerce Commerce 2 (Coinage) a priority at the Library, as this will allow you to colonize the mainland. Then, quickly construct a dock and order your scouts to explore ruins and have citizens construct new cities.
  • Be aware of Bombardment Ships, as they will be able to reach most of the Cities and wonders on this map. Vice versa, use these ships to destroy important enemy wonders and bring down enemy cities to capture them.
  • It is easy to remember that all nations' capitals are located around the sides and corners of the map at the beginning of a match. Due to this, some human players will move their capitals into the mainland if necessary.
  • Naval units are extremely important in this map. They can effectively block enemy trade routes and bombard around the coastlines of land.
  • Generally speaking, whoever first colonizes the large landmass in the middle can quickly obtain the Ruins scattered throughout the land. However, that player must guard his borders. 
  • The channel(s) that seperate a nation's capital (at the very beginning of a match) and the central landmass is usually heavily guarded by naval units.
  • Be sure to bombard enemy docks, especially around your enemies' capital(s).
  • Caravans are at great danger in this map. Be sure to guard your trade routes with redoubts (on land) or with naval units (at sea).

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