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The Flag of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, is the European-based, real-world organization for the capitalist Western Bloc, featured in The Cold War Campaign.

In Rise of Nations, it is a strategically collective multinational group of "Client States", all controlled and kept by the Americans, and their democratic idealism for world Capitalism. Its Eastern Bloc counterpart, the Warsaw Pact, is a group of socialist countries, fewer in number, but more industrious and economically stable at the beginning of the campaign than NATO's member states.

General Information Edit

NATO is a military and economic sphere of capitalist nations, concentrated mainly in Europe. If you are playing as the Americans in the Cold War Campaign, your job is to retain this multinational front, to promote your Industiral Income in order to supass the Soviet economy's power in the Second World.

Because the Americans have almost no supply centres of their own in North America, you are well advised to secure control of NATO by investing your resources in building up their fortification strength as soon as possible. Keep them in line, and they are full-pledged to the American cause of Capitalism, and they will contribute their well-fared nascent resources to your economy's strength in the clash with the Soviet Union. Fail and you may see an enlargement of the Red empire with China's induction into Soviet control.

If you are playing as the Soviets, however, be warned that it will be difficult to attack them without resulting in some sort of nuclear backlash against you. In which case, your best bet is to first seize the southern Mediterranean coast of Africa, then complete ALL the intelligence missions to obtain a Betrayal card which can then be deployed against Italy, which will then yield one army to you to be deployed against the capital in France. Once France is seized, NATO will collapse, and the Americans may ask that you allow the British Isles, Canada and Australia to be annexed to them to maintain the peace. The additional territory seized from NATO can then be used to build up your economic strength and perhaps win an economic victory against the Americans.

Another possible strategy with quick conquering requires you to save 2 Sabotage cards before obtaining the Treachery card. After you obtain Cuba as a client state after Castro's revolution, lower the territory strength using sabotage and annex the gulf coast using Treachery. Then you can march your army into the Midwest, securing the American missiles in a single turn, usually resulting in you having 5-6 nukes, depending how many you build.

Should you attack China after having signed on Chinese help to defeat the South Koreans, the Balkans will defect to NATO upon ending the scenario.

Initial startup Edit


  • NATO substitutes the British and is one of the many countries that is .xml tribes only. The .xml can be found in the /conquest/ColdWar folder.

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