Musical Chairs is an official game scenario that steadly eliminates a player who ranks as the lowest of all the other nations.


  • Depending on the settings, it is highly recommended to take control of an economic nation.
  • If players are allowed to particpate in combat, offensive nations can assist you in conquering enemy nations while defensive nations can prevent this.
  • Be sure to construct wonders as soon as possible to greatly increase resource production.
  • If an allied player is struggling, be sure to give assistance as much as possible.
  • Seize control of the locations of rare resources by constructing a heavily fortified military buildings, such as the Redoubt.
  • Eliminating Caravans from enemy nations can greatly increase your chances of surviving.
  • If conquering an enemy nation proves to be difficult, you can focus on their economy by destroying crucial production sites, such as their mines, or placing blockades to prevent them from receving aid.
  • Be sure to plan ahead of commanding or resisting an invasion. If you do not follow this tactic, your army may be completely wiped out and will lead your nation vulnerable for attack.
  • Take control of areas that have a strategic advantages for your military units to attack or for economic gain.
  • Remember, the more rare resources a nation has, the more likely that nation will survive. Due to this, eliminate stationary enemy merchants who are harvesting rare resources.