Government Monarchy (large)

A Monarchy is a government controlled by an absolute ruler that comes from a hereditary line. The Monarchy is the second of the three totalitarian governments in Rise of Nations, following Despotism and preceding Socialism. It becomes available in the Gunpowder age small Gunpowder Age and requires both Knowledge and Wealth to research. The Monarchy grants the following benefits:

The Monarchy provides powerful bonuses to cavalry and artillery warfare - nations heavily relying on such units (especially the Mongols, Turks, Lakota) should definitely consider becoming a Monarchy. More peaceful, economic-building oriented nations should prefer Monarchy's foil, Democracy.

The King Patriot Edit

  • Acts as a Supply Wagon: Eliminates/reduces attrition damage and provides supply for artillery units.
  • Artillery units in his radius move and deploy at double speed.
  • Mounted/Vehicle units in his radius have an extra +2 attack and +2 armor.
  • Immune to sniping and bribery.
  • Benefits from all regular General upgrades at the Fort.

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