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The Missile Silo is a military building available in the Modern Age Modern Age, where conventional missiles can be created as soon as silos are available, as the even more deadly nuclear missiles, which, however, require research before being available.

These silos make for a great defense and offensive weapon, especially when it comes to damaging the enemy's defenses, from long range, or breaking up an invading enemy army.

While very powerful, and capable of launching nuclear attacks, missiles silos are slow, expensive and have to be manually launched making them impractical in a heated battle but may be used as support for allies.

Note that Ballistic Missiles have a limited range and will not strike targets outside it. The selected silo denotes this by showing a circle, surrounding the structure. Attacking more distant targets requires to player to erect them closer and, presumably, towards enemy territory.

However Nuclear Missiles enjoy an infinite range and can strike from anywhere but its the most expensive and the slowest to build than any other unit as well as diplomatic consequences when used. So players must take the burdens into question before launching one.

Nations who have Missile Shield researched may not be attacked by Missiles directed at anywhere within their territory. Missiles that are already in-flight by the time the nation has researched it will not detonate at their location.

Nation powersEdit

  • The Indian Power of Majesty: Missile Silos do not rise in cost.
  • The Lakota Power of the Plains: Can build Missile Silos anywhere except in enemy territory.
  • The Maya Power of Architecture: Missile Silots have +25% hit points and are built 20% faster.


  • If a nation is defeated and a missle silo belonging to that nation contains an unlaunched missile or Nuclear ICBM, that explosive will automatically disappear.