Future Technologies

The Future Technologies: Missile Shield, World Government, Global Prosperity, Artificial Intelligence.

"No army can be considered highly organised unless it can find its enemy, hit him, and protect itself from being hit."
— J F C Fuller, 20th century British military strategist

Missile Shield is one of four Future Technologies and becomes available at the Library, once all regular technologies have been researched. It requires a vast amount of Knowledge Knowledge and Metal Metal to research and researching it increases the research cost for all subsequent Future Technology research.

The Missile Shield prevents other nations from detonating nuclear weapons and missiles within the nation's borders. The nation with the missile shield is still capable of firing missiles at targets within their own borders.

If a player successfully researches the Missile Shield just seconds before an enemy Nuclear ICBM hits any part of the target's territory, the ICBM will not detonate.

The Missile Shield is not considered a Military Research - a connected Furs rare resource does not reduce it's research cost.

Like all Future Technologies, it cannot be researched in Conquer the World mode.


  • CPU players will always research Missile Shield as a top priority. Ironically, they can also launch multiple nuclear ICBMs (if allowed to) until the Armageddon clock is only 1 missile away.

Quick reference cardEdit

Missile Shield
Source: Cost Requirements
  • 4,000Knowledge; 3,000 Metal
  • Time to complete: Very long
  • Information age small Age
  • Mil7 Military
  • Intlaw Civic
  • Globalisation Commerce
  • Lin Science

Background Edit

The Missile Shield seems to be based on missile Defense projects developed in the period from the 1950s until our present day.