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The Missile Cruiser is the last upgrade to the Light Ship Unit class in the game. It requires the Information Age before it becomes available.


The Missile Cruiser is lightly-armored but moderately fast cruiser, designed primarily as a naval defense ship to destroy transports, root out enemy Submarines and shoot down enemy aircraft before they get too close to the more vulnerable Battleships and Aircraft Carriers.

They also have a great sight range and the speed to meet threats to the ships they're escorting.


Each Missile Cruiser costs 70 Oil and 70 Metal and increases the population count by one. Their ramping cost is 2 Oil as well.


Cruisers can see far and are quick and maneuverable, but they are useless against the might of enemy Battleships, especially if they are the upgraded Advanced Battleship, which can shell the living stuffing out of them. A single Missile Cruiser can also simply be overwhelmed by enemy subs or aircraft.


  • Missile Cruisers excel at defending other naval forces. Escort Battleships and Cruisers with them and the seas will definitely be yours. The Cruisers' missiles will make short work of submerged submarines, lightly armored ships, aircraft and even other cruisers.
  • If you are facing these wolves of the seas, make sure you keep aircraft out of its range and protect your battleships and carriers, as, chances are, they can pick on them whenever they're exposed. Missile Cruisers do not have the range of Battleships, so long-ranged weaponry should be ideal against them as well.

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