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Minutemen are Citizens or Scholars ordered to arm themselves with muskets. They are created by using the button To Arms! in a citizen's or scholar's control panel. Minutemen can be converted back to civilians by pressing the Civilian button. The conversion process takes a few moments (0.33 seconds), in which an orange progress bar appears above the unit.

Minutemen are an upgrade from the early ages Militia and become available in the Enlightenment Age. By converting civilians into Minutemen, they receive a ranged attack with improved attack strength (+15) as well as better armor (+2) and line of sight (+6 tiles).

Usage In Combat Edit

Similar to early ages Militia, Minutemen are fairly weak in combat and should be used mainly in desperate situations, like when a city is about to fall into the hands of an enemy and there are too few other military available. The biggest improvement over Militia is the ranged attack, giving them much better chances in defending a city, as they can try to take out key units within an enemy's army (like Artillery, Supply Wagons and Generals.) from afar, without having to fight their way through enemy infantry. Like all Militia-type units, despite their ranged attack, their attack value is still halved when garrisoned, for the purposes of increasing a building's attack rate. However, Citizens automatically have the attack value of Minutemen when garrisoned, without having to convert first.

Compared to Musketeers (the main infantry during Enlightenment Age), Minutemen have a slightly weaker attack power and range and, more importantly, only half the hit points. This often results in Minutemen dying in numbers when facing a larger enemy force. Also, they should stay out of enemy territory, as attrition damage takes a huge toll on them, decreasing their few hit points within seconds. The Supply Wagon's protection against attrition does not extend to Militia-type units like the Minutemen. The presence of an own General greatly improves the survivability of Minutemen.

Like with Militia, computer players never use their civilians as Minutemen, despite spending some resources to research the according technology.

When citizens are converted to Minutemen, they lose their status as civilian units and become combatants, thereby losing immunity to sniping.

Armed Civilians

All upgrades of armed civilians: Militia (Classical Age), Minuteman (Enlightenment Age), Partisans (Modern Age).

Upgrades Edit

Minutemen can be upgraded to Partisans, once a nation has advanced to the Modern Age, thereby further increasing attack, hit points and armor. Upgrading takes place at the Tower and costs a fixed 600 Food Food and Metal Metal.

Notes Edit

  • Using Minutemen as a city's last line of defense especially is a viable option to the Chinese, as they can produce citizens instantly.
  • Converting Scholars into Minutemen can be a bit tricky, as they quickly move back into the University they were ejected from. The delay for this can adjusted in the options menu, under Auto Citizen.
  • In some rare situations, it is possible to have Minutemen (and other related) units capture an enemy city with 0 HP. This would explain why citizens and their armed counter-parts are treated like military units especially when they are suffering from attrition in enemy territory.

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