Armed Civilians

All upgrades of armed civilians: Militia (Classical Age), Minuteman (Enlightenment Age), Partisans (Modern Age).

Militia is a special type of Infantry, composed of Civilians who have temporarily taken up arms. As such, Militia units are not recruited: they are Citizens and/or Scholars which have been ordered to arm themselves. These units have a "To Arms!" command available once the appropriate research has been carried out.

While serving as Militia, citizens and scholars cannot perform their regular tasks. Also, Militia do not benefit from the Smelter line of anti-attrition upgrades nor a Supply Wagon's supply radius, and take 4X the normal amount of attrition when in enemy territory, making them difficult to use offensively; they are meant to be used in a homeland defense role. Additionally, Citizens and Scholars cannot convert to Militia in enemy territory, though Militia can convert back to Citizens in any territory, including enemy territory.

The Classical Age Militia can be upgraded to Minutemen in the Enlightenment Age and Partisans in the Modern Age, becoming stronger and gaining a ranged attack.

Upgrade Table Edit

The first Militia is available in the Classical Age Classical Age, when the required research unlocks at the Tower, and can upgrade twice afterward, in the Enlightenment and Modern ages, respectively.

Unit Age Base HP Base Strength Base Range
Militia Classical Age Classical Age 50 10 Melee
Minuteman Enlightenment Age Enlightenment Age 65 19 0-8 tiles
Partisan Modern Age Modern Age 85 24 0-10 tiles

Notes Edit

  • Within the game files, Militia units appear with a base and ramping cost in Food Food and Metal Metal. However, beyond the game's calculating of the initial research and Militia upgrading costs, this has no further effect or use in the game, as Militia units can never be recruited per se.
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