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Militia are Citizens or Scholars armed with primitive melee weapons like axes, torches, and pitchforks. Once a nation has advanced to the Classical Age and developed Militia at a Tower, a new button To Arms! appears in each citizen's and scholar's control panel, which converts the unit to militia. Militia units have a button Civilian, which converts the unit back to civilian form.

By converting civilians into militia, they gain increased attack strength (+6), armor (+1) and line of sight (+4 tiles). That doesn't mean much, however, as Militia still remains inferior even to Ancient Age Slingers. Militia also have 50 HP compared to the base Citizen's 40 HP. However, once the Militia upgrade is researched, all Citizens automatically have their HP increased to 50 HP, so converting a Citizen to Militia does not increase its HP; this is more a benefit to the Citizen unit in general.

Converting civilians into Militia and vice versa takes a few moments (0.33 seconds), in which an orange progress bar appears above the unit.

In Combat Edit

Militia are very weak fighters as they can do little when fending off occasional raiding attacks and desperately acting as the last line of defense against an invading army. They have low health, move slowly, and can engage enemy units only in melee. They are extremely vulnerable to most attacks, especially ranged attacks and attrition damage, and usually drop like flies when fighting against an army or trying to confront the enemy within his borders.

The game attests Militia an increased effectiveness versus Ranged Cavalry and Light Infantry. However, when a raiding party consisting of such units appears at the city gates, civilians are usually better off garrisoning inside the city or a nearby tower and let the structure's ranged attacks do the job. Both Citizens and Scholars will increase a building's attack as if they were Militia when garrisoned within, without needing to convert to Militia first, once the upgrade is researched. When Militia is used to defend against an invading army, it should focus on artillery units and support units like Supply Wagons.

Although computer players do research the Militia upgrade at the Tower, they never actually use their civilians as Militia.

Armed Civilians

All upgrades of armed civilians: Militia (Classical Age), Minuteman (Enlightenment Age), Partisans (Modern Age).

When citizens are converted to Militia, they lose their status as civilian units and become combatants, thereby losing immunity against special abilities such as sniping and bribery. Korean citizens who are bribed by another nation while as Militia do not retain their special repairing abilities, and citizens bribed by Koreans while as Militia will have the Korean special repairing abilities.

Upgrades Edit

When advancing to the Enlightenment Age, Militia can be upgraded to Minutemen, thus gaining a ranged attack as well as increased health and attack strength. This upgrades costs 300 Food Food and Metal Metal. The final upgrade, Partisans, becomes available in the Modern Age.

Notes Edit

  • Within the game files, Militia appears with a base cost of 80 Food Food, 80 Metal Metal and a Ramping cost of 2 Food Food, 2 Metal Metal. Beyond the game's calculating of the unit upgrade cost, this has no further effect, as Militia can never be recruited per se.