Ultima ratio regum.
- Motto on French cannon cast by Louis XIV

Military Military Research is one of four technology disciplines available at the Library. It increases the Population Limit Population Limit and unlocks new units and military technologies.

Benefits Edit

Like all Library research, Military Military research has a total of 7 levels to research. Each level researched...

  • ...increases the Population Limit by +25, up to a maximum of 200.
  • ...unlocks all military units of the same Age.
  • ...reduces production cost for units of previous Ages by 5% per level ahead.
  • ...reduces upgrade cost for units of previous Ages by 10% per level ahead.

Researching Military Military technology also unlocks all military structures (except Docks) as well as Forts technologies.

Military Technology Cost Required for
1 Gabbagabnbahey
The Art of War
120 Food
2 Mercs
  • 100 Food
  • 100 Metal
3 Standingarmy
Standing Army
  • 200 Metal
  • 160 Knowledge
4 Thinredline
  • 250 Metal
  • 360 Knowledge
Levy en Masse
  • 400 Metal
  • 650 Knowledge
6 Natinarms
  • 500 Metal
  • 1300 Knowledge
7 Selserv
Selective Service
  • 1200 Metal
  • 1800 Knowledge

Note that research cost also depends on the current level of Science Science research as well as any cost modifiers from nation powers and rare resources.

Miscellaneous Edit


Connecting Furs reduces Military research cost by 25%.

  • Connect the Furs rare resource with a Merchant to reduce Military Military research cost by 25%. This does not work with the "red" future technology Missile Shield.
  • The Greek Power of Philosophy: Receive a general 10% discount on all Library research cost (except for Knowledge Knowledge) and research technologies 100% faster.
  • The Roman Power of Caesar and the Aztec Power of Sacrifice: Start with Military Military 1 (The Art of War) already researched (unless playing a Nomad or City Center Only game).
  • The Bantu Power of Migration: Receive +50 to their Population Limit Population Limit per Military Military research. They also do not require Military Military research to unlock new units. However, unit and upgrade costs are increased by 10% per age behind in Military Military research.

Trivia Edit

  • As mentioned in the trivia section of the Library page, researches have alternate titles depending on the starting and ending ages. For Military Military Research, they are as follows:
Military Classical Age Medieval Age Gunpowder Age Enlightenment Age Industrial Age Modern Age Information Age
1 Officer Corps Feudal Levies Firepower Military Academy General Staff Military Intelligence Military-Industrial Complex
2 Mercenaries Men-at-Arms Gunsmiths National Guard Combined Arms Tactics Psychological Warfare Counter-Insurgency Warfare
3 Generalship Standing Army Ballistics Quartermaster Courts Deception Radar and Sonar Universal Military Service
4 Military Recruitment Chivalry and Heraldry Conscription Irregular Warfare Trench Warfare Guided Munitions Unified Armed Services
5 Grand Strategy Plate Armor Regimental System Levee en Masse Infiltration Tactics Partisan Warfare Precision Weapons
6 Military Depots Laws of War Morale and Cohesion Signal Corps Nation-In-Arms Combined Operations Electronic Warfare
7 Incendiaries Military Indenture Secrecy Total War Blitzkrieg Selective Service Homeland Security