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Merchants are civilian units used to collect rare resources to provide their benefits to the nation. They are immediately available at the Market and require both Timber Timber and Wealth Wealth to create.

Merchant Deploying

Merchant deploying on a source of Sugar. already being gathered by the deployed merchant of another nation.

To gain the benefits of a rare resource, a Merchant needs to deploy next to it, thereby turning itself into a small 'building' (it remains a unit, though, and takes damage like the mobile Merchant unit). Only one Merchant unit per nation is allowed to harvest a particular resource location. However, each nation may deploy its own Merchant next to a resource. Sending Merchants to rare resources located in friendly/allied territory is a common strategy.

The Merchant unit may also pack itself again and move on to another resource. This might be useful, if the current resource lands in enemy territory and the Merchant unit starts to take attrition damage from it. Note that the Smelter upgrade Forage prevents attrition damage in enemy territory while deployed for Merchants, since they are not moving.

Related Nation Powers Edit

  • Nubian Merchants are 10% cheaper to create and have 50% more hit points. They also get a 50% bonus on the basic gather rate, if they harvest a resource in friendly territory. Prior to version, Nubian Merchants were 50% cheaper to create.
  • Chinese Merchants are created instantly.
Turkish Merchant (Enlighment Age) (by Kubar906)

Deployed Merchant of the Gunpowder Age Turkish style.

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Trivia Edit

  • The game files show an unused merchant icon, presumably intended for the Gunpowder and Enlightenment ages, as is the case with most Civilian and Support units. The reason for the game ignoring this icon is unknown, and amusingly, it bears a striking resemblance to Juan Valdez.