"What power has law where only money rules?"
Gaius Petronius Arbiter, Roman statesman and social critic

Mercenaries is the second Military Military Research available at the Library. It is preceeded by The Art of War and leads to Standing Army.

The default cost is 100 Food Food and 100 Metal Metal, the default research time 18.3 seconds (275 frames).

Quick reference cardEdit

Source: Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 100Food; 100 Metal
  • Time to complete: Very long
  • Gabbagabnbahey Military
  • Standingarmy Military
  • Cataphract
  • Cavarcher
  • Trabuco
  • Hwacha2
  • Keep icon
  • Fort
  • Forge
  • Airbase icon
  • Missilo


Mercenaries refer to the concept to use mercenaries or warriors hired with money as a part of the military force.

Military Research
Preceded by:
The Art of War
{{{current}}} Succeeded by:
Standing Army

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