Rare resource
Oil patch
Fish / Whale

"Land surrounding a central ocean with a small island."

Mediterranean is a land map in Rise of Nations. It is similar to African Watering Hole, only the water at the center is increased and there is an island, useful for strategic purposes, and rare resources are not confined near the water.

Computer-controlled nations will never construct navies, although they may sent a citizen or a scout to collect the scarce ruins and rare resources in the central island.


  • The island at the center of the map tends to be a primary focus for human players. A city and/or a military outpost can be constructed  there. Often times, an airbase is built there, dominating enemy fortifications around the other parts of the map.
  • Ordering where your armies should traverse can be difficult, as enemies can easily predict where units can go to.
    • It is possible to move military units across the sea but beware of enemy fortifications along the coast.
    • In multiple situations, it is recommended to use air raids and attack vulnerable flanks.

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