The Medieval Age Medieval age is the third age a player can reach in Rise of Nations. It can be obtained by researching any four more technologies through the Library, and paying 275 food, and 275 knowledge.

Description Edit

The Medieval Age is a period of human history that is traditionally referred to as the "Dark Ages." It began with the decline of the Roman Empire and coincides with the rise of the Renaissance age in Europe. The era is most known for its great social, economic, and political changes. Europe began a transformation to the feudal system, and later nationalism which gave birth to monarchies. This age saw the ascendancy of the cavalryman, embodied in the European knight. Heavily armored and armed, medieval knights were a terror that dominated the battlefield for centuries until the widespread usage of pikes. Medieval knights were clearly on the decline by the 14th century, when they were disastrously routed by longbowmen at the Battle of Crecy. A century later, Crecy was repeated at Agincourt. These two battles were part of the Hundred Years' War, a long territorial conflict between the English and the French.

The early Medieval Age also saw the birth of Islam, and directly following that the creation of a huge Arabian empire stretching from Iberia to Mesopotamia. At its height Islam was close to engulfing France as well. It took centuries for Christian Spain to reconquer Iberia. The Seljuk occupation of Jerusalem also sparked the Crusades, a conflict spanning three centuries which severely weakened the Byzantine Empire. The Chinese empire also flourished in this age, and continued to spread Confucian ideals. It also marked the Muslim rule of India as well as Japan starting its ascension to a world power and domination of Eurasia by the Mongol horde, the largest empire in mankind's history.

Advancements Edit

After advancing to the Medieval Age, players are given a new palette of buildings to build, technologies to research, and units to create. A nation's unique units and abilities tend to come into play more in this age. This age tends to mark the turning point in the game from economic to militaristic as armies are quick and cheap to mass produce.


The icon of the Medieval Age seems to use the Chartres Cathedral located in the Chartres, France.


Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres

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