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The Mechanical Age also known as the Nano Age is the ninth age a player can reach in Rise of Nations. It can be obtained by researching a total of 30 technologies through the Library, and paying 11300 knowledge, 6900 oil and all previous technologies available (the Information Age ones moved to the Space Age unless the player chooses to end it at the Space Age).


The Mechanical Age is the age that many Sci-fi movies usually predict in the late 2030s where Nanotechnology will be prevalent throughout society by then. By around this time, as the age suggest, nearly everything becomes mostly mechanical by Artificial Intelligent robots. The invention of flying cars as well as the time machine are invented during this age. In another game known as Empire Earth, this is also the age where the young street wise man, Grigor Stoyanavich makes his advances upon the world by extending Novaya Russia. Though, this was changed by General Sergei Molotov and his American ally, Molly Ryan.

In this age, this is when World War III takes place, after years of the world not having a World War. During this time, many inventions in war equipment such as Cyber Robots, Planes that can move on their own, and many other types of weapons and machines were created. With this, wars are less fought with actual human beings, and more with robots.


After advancing to the Mechanical Age, players are given a new palette of buildings to build, technologies to research, and units to create. Weapons become mostly laser, and many of the units and buildings change to a more, futuristic-like attire. The sounds for a few buildings (Barracks, Stable/Auto Plant and Factory) changes, along with their names (Hover Plant and Cyber Factory). This also accesses a new city level, the Metropolis, which is larger than a Major City, and has twice the amount of boundary radius (+6) and provides more Food and Wood (250+ for both). Technologies now go up by 12 more. If chosen as an option, this can be the late-game age in Rise of Nations.

This age also gives access to new resources, Power Crystal and Plutonium and reveals 3 new Rare Resources, Adamant, Silicon and Lava.

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