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"Frankly, I see nothing but scientific extravagance in all these calculations."
Frederick "Alte Fritz" II of Prussia, letter to Voltaire

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  • Time to complete: Very long
  • Feudals Science
  • Chem Science
  • General
  • Spy
  • Gran
  • Sawmill
  • Construct
  • Herbology


The ability to estimate differences in size and quantity is inherent in some species of primates and birds, for whom it is highly useful in gauging the amount of food one has to eat, or has in stock. This form fo reasoning was passed down through evolution as well to humans, for whom alongside basic motor skills it would be profoundly vital to personal survival and the perpetuation of human civilisation. Over the course of time, this from a rudimentary tool of stock-taking evolved into mathematics — a catalyst for all the great leaps and bounds that science and technology have made will into our day.

The modern Scientific Revolution begun in the 17th century in earnest with the use of mathematics to measure phenomena - and to forecast them by way of calculation. Possibly, the first person to do this was Galileo Galilei. Whereas in previous times most scientific research was done simply by observing and describing various effects, Galileo Galilei went one step further. He didn't just observe and describe different effects from falling bodies in motion, he also measured the differences between the length of time it took for the objects to reach the surface of the earth after falling. The increasing use of mathematics to further man's ability to measure and anticipate observed phenomena eventually led to the Scientific Method and the modern body of knowledge as we know it this day.

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